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Dictionary of Abbreviations / Terms

As I start writing out the system I’m going to use a lot of abbreviations and terms for things to save me typing everything out.  Here is a list of the abbreviations I use:

V or VUL or Red Vulnerable
NV or White Not Vulnerable
F Forcing
NF Not Forcing
I Invitational
GF Game Forcing
M Major Suit
m Minor Suit
o Other (hence oM = other Major)
u Unbid (hence um = unbid minor)
X, Y, Z an unbid suit – e.g. 1X – 1Y means 1 of a suit followed by 1 of a different suit
R red suit – hearts / diamonds
B black suit – spades / clubs
P Pass
Dbl or X double
Bid or Any Any bid
Act Any bid or double
Rdbl or XX redouble
Rel Relay (a relay ASKs partner a question)
Xfer or tran Transfer (a transfer SHOWs something to partner)
Pup Puppet (a Puppet FORCES a bid from partner)
Cue Cue-bid in the enemy suit
FS Fourth Suit
FSF Fourth Suit Forcing
J Jump
DJ Double Jump
JS Jump Shift
FJ or FJS Fit Jump or Fit Jump Shift
IJCB Italian Jump Cue Bid (shows game raise in opener’s suit showing a control in the suit bid – A, K or shortness)
RKCB Roman Keycard Blackwood
HCP High Card Points
LT Losing Tricks or Losers
Bal Balanced
4432 or 4441, etc These are unspecified suits showing possible different distributions.  4441 means any singleton.
4-4-3-2 or 4-4-4-1, etc. This shows specific suits: 4-4-4-1 means a singleton club, 4-4-3-2 means 4♠ 4 3 and 2♣.  – means a specific suit.

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